Rate An Elvis part 3 - 2004
Ronnie & DJ Ivan

EAR CANDY world headquarters recently received an Elvis-related submission in the mail and we decided to resurrect the old "rate an Elvis" column for this issue. The ETA (Elvis Tribute Artist) in question is 'Elvis' Lil Sister' Amy Beth, who sent us a CD titled, "Amy Beth and the Hounddogs" and a press package. Amy Beth claims 'psychic channeling ability' with the King, stating, "Everything is inspired by channeling with Elvis through dreams. I feel like I've bridged the gap, we've (Elvis and I) made the divine connection. It's like an invisible touch."

I contacted DJ Ivan (the Simon Cowell of brutal truth) and he agreed to join me on the "rate an Elvis" judge panel. We used the same rating system that were used on previous installments of "rate an Elvis". However, we are only going by sound recordings, so we have no idea what Amy Beth's live show is like.

With the KING in mind, we used a rating system of 5 TCB's (Taking Care of Business), with 5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest.

Comments by Ronnie
Comments by DJ Ivan

Amy Beth
Ronnie rates:

DJ Ivan rates:
Well, "Don't Be Cruel" sang Elvis, but I've got to be honest. Amy Beth simply does not do justice to the memory of the King of Rock 'N Roll. 'Screaming & screeching' does not equate 'singing'. I hate to be blunt, but she has no business performing as Elvis in any way or fashion. In addition to her "singing", her timing is off and she turns "Hound Dog" into a mockery with insipid dog noises. If this isn't bad enough, there are horrible key changes throughout "Hound Dog", making you wish they would just put this dog out of its misery. It doesn't help that the backing "band" sounds like a bad karaoke machine. (A band is listed on the CD as "the Hounddogs")

But don't take my word for it, please listen to some of the tracks that are available on her website.

Zero...she's channeling something, it's not Elvis. Even "Elvis' Coat" on the 'Saturday Night Live' skit was closer to Elvis. It would help if she could sing, had an actual band or even sounded remotely like Elvis, but...its crap. Completely worthless.

Amy Beth and the Hounddogs can be found at cdbaby.com and you can judge for yourself, as there are a few samples from the CD that you can download.
Click here to visit Amy Beth's page at cdbaby.com

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